All individuals seen in these pictures were directly interacted with. I either lived with them and are loved ones or had extended conversations about life and shared giggles. They have been given copies of the printed photos or shown the digital ones. I encourage all who are taking snapshots in places that are [un]familiar to interact with that which is beyond the lens, engage your senses, and breath in the beauty of the existing captured moment.”

This statement was taken from my display of The Republic of Georgia in 2011 and represents my approach to photography.

As I have spent the majority of my time as a young adult wandering the hills, deserts, and jungles in exploration of humanity and its relationship with the earth, I developed an intimate relationship with photography.

Credited Christopher T. Barber, Photographer - 2013

I choose to use it as not only a mode of art, but to bridge cultural norms, and give back to those involved in the capture of a memory whether they be near or far.

The photos viewed on this page are taken via a Canon digital camera and a  Canon A-1 film camera (I have not made it to phone cameras yet).

Please always contact me for requests of usage.





Photo: Christopher T. Barber, Photographer – 2013

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