Coffee Came Early Today – A Guide to Finding Home Everywhere

As far as I am concerned, early morning coffee is one of the best things in life. I think a piece of my heart that goes by the name of Amie would agree as many-a- times we have spoken of early bedtime in anticipation of morning coffee… which is probably why she is part of my heart.

Smooshed into an overgrown sofa, I write from Dusseldorf Germany in a place named by a certain Mr. Jahn as ‘the attic.’ He spends little time here, therefore I find that no-pants-days are quite frequent while I rummage through records in his apartment (Simon and Garfunkel has my heart at the moment).

*Recommendation: move the record player needle over to the 3rd shaded line on the second side and slide around on the wooden floors. 

I have moved a lot. When I was 15 I had been in a place for almost 3 years, the longest time I had stayed, therefore it was time to go. I did not necessarily like coffee at that time however, my obsession with finding ‘home’ everywhere probably was precedent to my coffee drinking.

Wherever I may be:

– hopping off a bus in Peru

– in a dimly lit office during monsoon season in Nepal

– in the midst’s of winter time over a wood-stove in wine country of a post-soviet country

-standing in the cool breeze on the coast of Scandinavia

– on a patio in an oasis of the desert

… a cup of coffee is home.

Coffee, provides me with a goal as soon as I wake up, and thereafter I can do the junk like save the world and whatnot. Where ever I may be, it is my constant, it is comfort, and it truly has seeped into all areas of my life. I am not committed to just coffee, if writing from Asia, it will be black tea. If I am writing from Europe, it will be an Espresso. If I am writing from North America, it will be coffee.

Film camera

Film camera – Cafe Life – New Mexico Summer 2013



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