Everything and Nothing- A Yoga Experience

Tucked away in the Northwest corner of Germany on a wintery day, there I lay on a yoga mat slowly pulling the soft purple blanket over my now warmed and stretched out body. Just finishing a class that I go to weekly with one of the most motivating (Jasmine) instructors, I breathe in and quiet my tucked away body. Moving mentally from my toes to my head, visualizing a soft blue essence filling the space within my feet. The pace of my heartbeat slows, thumping with my longated breaths. Conscious of my simple materialized essence- flesh and bones is all I am. An organism- halted in growth at any forthcoming beat.

The room filled with bodies and endless realities – I am just one. I am sprouted from nothing larger than the seed that falls from a tree. My body lays there like a weighted bag of oranges.

Warmth spreads like the oozy soft flow of lava from the ends of my fingers inward, filling every microscopic space within the layers of my skin- stuffing my soul with life.

My Soul!

And with this, the sounds of breaths around me signifies a connection to all souls in this room, creating a One.  What a world my soul has been filled with – a reality I with others, have created. Therefore, I am not just a body, a material, but a part of infinite connections, expanding.

If we are infinant, are we anything?

In these realities, the human mind categorizes, sifting through information and creating labels. Though, just a body, though infinant, I am categorized. Categorized by others and categorized by myself. In doing this, we create a bond, Identifying with others, who we are and who we are not. Through this we create our identity, we construct what we think we deserve from this life. This is always subjective. We are only fractions of these labels, (labels which are also subjective) and this is all we will be. And as much as we can choose to not be part of them, we can choose to be part of them.

I am not any of them, but I am all of them.

I am a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am a researcher, a tea-lover, a writer, a walker. I am compassionate, a worrier, enthusiastic, calm. I am a traveler, a listener, a recorder, an observer, an interactor. I am playful, I am healthy. I am a struggle, I am a cryer, I am a smiler. And so on….

I am not just a body. I am not just a category. I am a body, subjective categories, and part of a One.

A tear for beauty squeezes through my closed eyes with an ever so familiar trail of warmth as it reaches my ear.

There is no such thing as being all of one label with means we are only fractions of these labels. And we are many. At what point do we become them, do we promote ourselves as them? Is it a negotiation between society and oneself? And once both agree, are you then of that category? What is the outcome when society believes you are and you do not? What is the outcome when you believe you are and society does not? This is understood to be subjective and contextual in relation to time, place, and dynamics. I want to hear about your experiences. What constitutes you as a yogi?


Photo: White Sands, New Mexico, USA 2012

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