The Art of Burrito Eating

Scooting back on the barstool, I glance at myself in the tiny Mexican designed frame hanging on the nearby wall. Scanning the bottles of tequila and waiting patiently for my burrito, Frida floats into my thoughts. Something of this sorts happens every Monday after Yoga. I buy a burrito from the nearby restaurant here in Dusseldorf – not the healthiest of habits. I am a regular.

Unusually, the bartender squeaked in a bit of conversation asking, “Where are you from?” – a question I despise as I never feel like I can answer this fully with a simple reply. Washing her beer glasses, she assumes I am a student and as a follow up to my mumbles about my existence she rightfully probes me for a further explanation.

“Just figuring out my next step,” I responded with a bit of automaticity. Pushing the 10 euro bill into the now arrived burrito carrier’s hand, she slips in a quick response between the exchange replying “you don’t have to figure it out, it just happens.”

Pow pow! Life advice from the unexpected – one of my top 5 favourite things.

Making my way along the damp streets toward the attic apartment, I can’t wait. Unwrapping the bag, I shamelessly indulge in my purchase. The guacamole oozes out and lands in the to-go container. Beyond engulfed in the consumption of this amazing gooieness, I occasionally look at the green lights to guide me along. “mmmmm I can’t  leave all the burrito’s insides in the container,” my internal dialogue murmurs. I watch my hand form my well-practiced South Asian eating style technique, therefore not requiring  a western utensil to get all the bits and pieces.

There my little American body stood, on the corner in Germany, chowing down on Mexican food, South Asian style, after an Eastern practice of yoga. The contentness of a full belly, the stretching of my heart after yoga,  the bartenders advice all encouraging the embracing of simply existence. I stared at the sky blissfully accepting the cultural influences of this globe all melted together through the vessel of my body – creating harmony and simply a human of the world,  just trying to figuring it all out.




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