Morning Coffee with Sarita – A short film

Submitted to the Kunstpalast Art Museum receiving first place in the Cappuccino-Video-Wettbewerbs in Dusseldorf, Germany January 2014

With so many pieces of my heart spread across the globe, I wish for each one of you to come have morning coffee with me in the attic apartment. Enjoy.


I welcome you to send your coffee experiences (either a written description, a picture or video) either via the comment section or at

As they come in, I will gladly post them along with these videos with links to your own blogs or pages in creating a web of cozy coffee times across the globe!!

Inspired by Candida Höfer’s video “Da Fomo” filmed in 1975

Click on “Watch on Vimeo” for bits of her film:

CANDIDA HöFER. DüSSELDORF / MUSEUM KUNSTPALAST from Institut für Kunstdokumentation on Vimeo.

White Sands- New Mexico 2013

White Sands- New Mexico 2013

Coffee Video Contributions:


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