My Playground – Come Play in Germany

At the age of 25, I find myself sitting in a cafe living in Germany (I never thought this would be a place I would call home, though neither are any of the others throughout the past 10 years). By choice, for the last 10 years I have traveled the world, from the Bolivian jungles, to the islands of South Asia, the cafes sprinkled throughout Europe, and the vineyards of post-soviet countries. IMG_1104Born in the United States, a part of my heart beats for the open sky of the southwest deserts where the women are decorated in chunks of turquoise and the boys still play their guitars under the stars.

Two degrees down, I stand here growing into a consciousness of how short life is. I spend my days recording, observing, and participating in lives of those from all corners of the world, understanding the endless versions of life, and thus creating one for myself. Obsessed with bypassing the gaps that cultures and languages can create, I also burrow away for days to process the life that zips by so quickly.
How I continue to be spoiled in this life, I will never know.
I spend most of my time writing for academic purposes, therefore this blog will contain less formal writings inspired by daily life and happenings that will take no less than a lifetime to process. Surly to produce some entries that are less profound than others.

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