Partner in Crime- Satellite Coffee

After my return from an exchange program to Sweden a decade ago, I was introduced to Satellite café during a teenage date. Though the date only lasted a few hours, a new life long relationship began – with Satellite Coffee that is. I credit Satellite café to the completion of my first university degree with its accommodating late hours and cozy chairs creating space for motivation.

As I traveled around the globe for work and education, I have shared innumerable cups of coffee made from women in far off villages on wood-heated stove-tops to perfected espressos in designer cafes in Europe. I have seen the drying coffee beans in South America and the tealeaves picked in South Asia. Nevertheless, when returning from adventures, my first and last stop out of New Mexico is always Satellite Coffee located on Alameda in Albuquerque.

I have recently relocated to Germany to work on writing and research projects after completing my masters. Therefore, I am not always able to make it to New Mexico for holidays, which means packages of tiny treasures graciously float my way. Along with a few handwritten notes, an ever so familiar brown packaging marked with Satellite’s brews pierce my senses as it makes its way into my attic apartment, complementing the changing seasons in Germany. As coffee, tea, and the café continue to play a significant role in my social habits, the comfort of the Satellite brews are an inevitable feeling of home.


Partner in Crime in Germany

Partner in Crime in Germany

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