Qualified: Dang, I’ve Got Skills

A few months removed from completing my masters, the wear and tear of self-confidence has left little to see in a diploma other than its worth as paper.

Therefore, this post is in spirt of being proactive and a switch in gears from reading sappy stores of the very real depressions of new graduates, surveys questioning why the humanities  are out of work, articles on announcing the cuts in funding for social sciences, and endless job adverts posted out of protocol.

The following is a list of marketable and highly valuable skills, which I have gained throughout the past years of graduate school.

Researching, academic, and institute skills…

Written argumentation; historical desk reviews; document summaries; scan through large literature databases; peer-reviewing; English editing; verbal to written transcribing; minute recording; organizing large quantities of qualitative data and extracting themes and clusters of relevant topic areas; able to manage multiple research schedules; project development; critical thinking; compile theory; in-depth and semi-structured interviewing; oral history recording; areas of specialty: migration, gender (masculinity), diaspora studies, identity, and ethnic studies, South Asian studies; International data collection: North Europe, South Asia, North America

Public Speaking and Teaching…

Public speaking and networking; acutely aware of body language; contact and communicate with individuals in the academic and work environment; well pronounced and projected for public speaking up to 200 individuals; precise verbal argumentation for presentations; well prepared and practiced; works virtually, nationally, globally in government and non-government organizations, in rural and urban settings, in the global North and South (Western and developing countries); classroom management; lesson planning; project planning; observing and recording through ethnographic means; has taught from ages 5 to adult education in both general and special education

Group Project/Research Work…

multilingual and multicultural work environment; 10 years of experience working in international research and project building; self-regulated and organized; acute listener; mediator skills; native English writer; intrinsically motivated; punctual; well-adjusted to travel and time change; accustomed to living in remote villages & globally;  lived in 7 countries and traveled in over 30; can use ‘go-to-meeting’ software and Office software to meet various computing programs

… In addition, I am never lost and I know how to milk a cow.

Learning to milk a cow for the first time in Tibaani, Republic of Georgia

Learning to milk a cow for the first time in Tibaani, Republic of Georgia. Years of ladies bread-making and milking = nice forearms.

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