Transitioning & Academia

A student of all sorts, acquiring my high school diploma, my bachelors diploma, my masters diploma, and… a doctorates diploma?

20 years of life in the institute.

Only now, for the first time, at the age of 25, I am not safely tucked under the roofs of an institute, surrounded by superiors requiring readings, summarises, edits and  inhaling literature at unspeakable speeds.

I am instead out from underneath the rooftops and in an existence so foreign to my soul, I simply float amongst the vast waters, pierced with shades of blue. Blues that dilate my eyes with endless attempts of grasping texture, contrast, relief amongst the wall of the black sea. I am in the waters that have swept away its coral, leaving little need for fish to venture about. I am in the waters that do not save you from drowning, but welcome your floating body in death or life as it tumbles around amongst its heartache, beauty, and pounding fear.

Tea Drinking

Tea Drinking- Aalborg, Denmark

Hugged by the sea as my soul cuts through the engulfing waters, I demand occupancy. Stretching my limbs out beyond a pose any yoga has possessed.

A paradoxical experience as the eyes take on fear with images of drowning, of failing, of  complete consumption. Yet, what comfort it provides as it hugs the torso tight with affection, accepting it for it’s simple presence.

The North Sea- Germany

The North Sea- Germany

I have never feared the grazing of my fingertips on far off societies, unknown homes, valleys, foods, or to take in smells and piercing tastes, consumed by unknown realities. As I explored, I was in love with them as they loved me. I expected the institute with all its comfort to love me too. I strived to perfect analytical skills, choosing topics of interest as they too were part of me – rooted in passion and curiosity.

Built from our hands, from our collective consciousness, an accelerating growth under the roof of our structures is what I was told the institute would be. The institute provided protection, distractions, and tools to think about our world, unfortunately it forgot, I forgot to create a space to feel, to discover balance, to embrace community.


For others that wish to share transitioning to and from academia please feel free to share them here. However, I also recommend the Higher Education Network at The Guardian for shared stories and Academics Anonymous for further reading. For a list of complied academic transitioning websites, tips, and communities please leave your contact information in the comment box or write to me at





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