We Never Come Out of Life Alive

Dear Me,

Warning! Spoiler alert:

The wind squeezes through the toes on the left foot as it hangs out the car window with the other on the gas peddle. What a sense of freedom, plundering through the warm, dry air with the widest of skys that Earth contains. You are 18 and work at a lingerie store while University is beginning. Many areas of your life come easy to you. The busy-ness is fulfilling, but that itch, the one about not being in the same career for 40 years is very much present. Ah and the fear of the unknown won’t bother you for some time still.

Your bouncy curls will attract those boys and some of them you will kiss. There will be one that induces reflection, leaving you curious about vulnerability for years. And in those years, you will be on adventures in many far off lands, thrusting you into your greatest obsession yet – reality painters. Across the globe you will have tea with the experienced, laugh with the hurting, and embrace the unexpected inspiring your life work with global narratives. Oh, and your fearlessness will be quite admirable during those times.

Keep writing, this will be your soul. You will capture the micro movements of life: a strain of spiderweb loose in the South Asian air and the orgasmic smells of fresh bread in the Republic of Georgia. Go on, continue with your jobs and education even though a lack of passion will be confusing as they are deemed exotic. It will lead you of course to others providing new paths (keep an eye out for two spunky girls in Denmark).

Beyond this, love yourself. You are not so good at this, but I promise life will teach you how to… it just will take quite some years. Watch out for meditation, its a doozy and will turn you inside-out. Oh, and that thing you have, you know the thing your mom encouraged, your imagination, well that will be a key to a lot of the hard stuff. It gives you the spunk, the thing that gets you into a love bubble with a tall blond Mr. (he’s the kind of guy that dances with you on Saturday mornings). It will also breath life into you again after depression and gets you through those jungle border crossings. Anyway, you will be scared, confused, and hate yourself a lot…It is ok – you are going the right way. Because eventually, even your own breath will become a reminder of how incredible existence is and you will reach out for connection.  Plus all your post-it notes and letter writing will remind you of the treasures in life when you decide to barricade yourself in an attic one winter, so don’t forget to pack them every time you move to Europe.

Sarita, it may be a bit silly for me (you at 26) to write an even younger you (age 18). I don’t have any of the secrets to life or forewarnings, but you should know all the moments that come your way are nothing but necessary.



P.S. You are going to have a problem with cheese (aka addiction). But, a little miss other-half-of-you will too and “cheese talk” will be paired with a/the great relationship.

P.S.S Your sisters will forgive you.

The Tiny Things

The Tiny Things



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