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If original creativity in our academic writings are extracted, what is left?

As our systems and its ideas around publishing, productivity, creating continue to drive actions like the email, there too will always be someone out there that will ghostwrite work for a price. But as someone concerned with the dynamics of academia as a whole, I want to acknowledge that there is also always someone out there that will want to do more than write it. As we play with ideas, create space, assist each other in our curiosity, we fumble into creating. That’s where I’m told all the good stuff happens; where life happens. With a slew of circumstances that foster a space hardly supportive of slow processes, are we not all still responsible for the delicacy of our own mind, thoughts, and dignity? I suppose if part of higher education, of academia, of education it comes down to what we as individuals and as a whole are in pursuit of… is the email the answer?


The Last Women’s Magazine
Written for and by feminists, defined as individuals who believe in establishing and defending equal rights for women.

A Bit Of Coffee, A Bit Of Gender Equality

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Do these symbols really have the power to create and imbed such accusations, to directly assign roles to sexes, making us believe that caregiving is biologically tied to the sexes’? Obviously, these simple symbols on the bathroom door appear to have great innocence to them but what if we were to switch the placement of the baby-changing facility to the male’s door?




Women Writers, Women’s Books
We are an online literary magazine by and about contemporary women writers from around the world.

The Effects of Hormones on the Creative Process: the secret ingredient

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The pillows seem to grow into smooshy extensions of my body and I spend days seeping further into their layers, unraveling my memories into abstract and multilayered reflections. I become addicted to detailed imagery, obsessing over word choice to convey my thoughts as my writing is met with surprising articulation and a regurgitated flow of words.

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